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Collision Repair Tools

Koala-05Smash Equipment LLC was founded in 1983 by Scott Matters.  Smash Equipment has provided quality collision repair industry equipment since the 1980’s.   In 2012, Chief Automotive paired with Smash Equipment to represent their collision and welding products.

Smash Equipment LLC offers the most extensive line of collision repair equipment, including frame machines, measuring tools, anchoring systems, welding, aluminum repair,  aluminum welders,  vehicle specification products and the Chief University  which is a  collision repair school providing the most up-to-date training in the industry. Chief continues to aggressively develop and launch innovative products that enable shops of all shapes and sizes to become more productive and successful.  We offer everything you need for any collision repair.

Smash Equipment offers collision repair shops a total repair solution. We supplyChief Fusion-Multispot-MI200T equipment to diagnose and identify collision damage, repair the damage through pulling the frame, replacing parts or welding, and document that the vehicle was returned to the original manufacturer’s specifications.  The level of sophistication Chief welders offer goes beyond just melting two metals together.  Data reporting on weld strength, automatic tool recognition and similar technologies provides repair technicians with more time to repair and less worry about ever-changing demands on the collision industry.  You’ll be happier that vehicles are being repaired faster with better results and in turn, making your shop more profitable.