Collision Benches

Think of auto repair benches and frame racks as two different animals within the same species. Benches hold a vehicle in alignment and allow you to position parts and pieces of the vehicle back within the alignment of the bench. With a bench you setup holding points that become specific measuring reference points. These points allow you to then make incremental adjustments in small areas to bring damaged pieces back to specs.   A bench has measurement scales running down the platform and along the crossbeams to reference all repairs.

This works very different from a frame rack where you hold the vehicle to the deck and then make pulls in various directions to bring the entire structure into form. A bench could be used to repair a unibody vehicle frame rail replacement; where a frame rack would be used to align overall damage within the entire structure of a framed vehicle.
Chief’s full line of Globaljig benches offer you an affordable solution to making repairs on a variety of vehicles. Couple this with our Global Scan and the variety of fixtures offered and you have all the collision repair equipment needed for your shop.


Super Rotax

SuperRotaxSuper Rotax offers effortless loading with removable ramps for unlimited access to the vehicle, as well as 360-degree, 10-ton pulling. The bench provides 5’9 of uninhibited working height with 11,000 lbs. of lifting capacity. It is compatible with electronic measuring.

Super Rotax tilts to allow fast and easy loading of vehicle. Put a vehicle into 4 sill clamps and you’re ready to pull in about 15 minutes. When 8-point holding or full fixturing is required, the user-friendly Globaljig Universal Jig makes it fast and efficient. The Super Rotax system comes standard with the full Globaljig Universal Jig (12 pts) with storage cart, the McPherson Overhead Measuring Bridge, loading ramps, loading stands, winch and one pulling tower fitted with accessories. Some customers choose to flush mount this bench so there’s even easier access to the work platform.

  • 360 degree 10 ton pull/push towers
  • Locking Crossbeams
  • High performance scissor lift structure
  • Optional full frame holding clamps available
  • 5.75 feet of working height

Super Rotax Images

Mobile System

mobile-systemThe Globaljig System mobile bench has long been considered the top of its category.
It is the equipment that has changed the perceptions about mobile benches. Equipped with the Globaljig Universal Fixturing System that allows centering of the vehicle after it is fixed to the jigs it can save up to 75% of the time required to load a vehicle.



Mobile System Images


Universal and versatile, designed to accommodate any type of uni-body or full frame vehicle.

Evolution Jig Bench is the economical solution for those repairs where a mini-bench is not enough. With 5 crossbeams, loading ramp package and the D257 Fixture Set, it has all the hardware needed for the 8 point holding that OEMs require when a new design vehicle is structurally straightened. A 4.5m ( 14.75 ft.) bench thats ideal, taking up a smaller footprint without sacrificing repair capabilities.Evolution

This bench tilts allowing easier loading of the vehicle when driving up or winching onto the ramps. Vehicles can be loaded into sill clamps in as little as 15 minutes and thanks to the sliding crossbeams and base blocks, fully fixturing is also a quick and efficient process. Pulling towers remain attached to the bench and effortlessly glide 360 degrees around the bench. The “Vector” design of the towers means chain angles are always correct for every pull.

  • 5 crossbeams
  • Loading ramp package
  • Includes hardware needed for 8 pt. holding that OEM’s require
  • Onboard pulling tower




Koala is the small straightening bench with great versatility and potential. Suitable for all situations, Koala can handle most of the structural work your shop will see. Compact and out of the way when not in use due to the 6″ height when fully lowered. Economical enough to put in every technicians stall, as multiple benches can share removable pulling post aKoaland other common tools.

Use Koala as a work bay lift for blueprinting, vehicle tear down and reassembly, or metal straightening. Put the vehicle in sill clamps, attach the 10 ton post and Koala can handle 90% of the structural work that comes through your shop. Positioning of the vehicle without ramps; at only 6″ high off the floor Koala is a true drive-over bench.

  • 360 degree quick and simple 10 ton pull post mounting
  • Sill Slamps for extended space
  • 5 feet 3 inches of working height


Koala Images

Quick Pull

With a lowered height of 4 inches off the floor Quick Pull does not need access ramps or side runners making it the perfect in-stall lift. Simply drive over the platform, swing the lift arms out and raise the vehicle to the optimum working height for the task being done. When the job requires a light or medium pull Quick Pulls 5 ton pulling arm is there to do the job, keQuickeping sheet metal and other light duty pulling operations in the stall and off of the frame bench.

Quick Pull Components:

  • Adjustable height sill clamps
  • Articulating arms with height
    adjustable rubber lift pads
  • Extended height rubber lift pads
  • 5 ton pulling tower, with chain, foot
    pump, clamp, and safety cable
  • Electro-hydraulic control unit with 26′
    control cable.

Quick Pull Images


Universal system for checking and fixing motorcycle and scooter frames, even with mechanical parts in.Moto

The only and unique system to firmly anchor the frames of motorcycles and scooters, thanks to universal jigs, columns adjustable in height and sliding crossbeams. The caged front ensures accurate checking and straightening of the front headstock, ensuring correct alignment for front steering. Repairing and straightening are carried out in the front headstock, checking degrees and alignment of the steering column.

  • Complete with pulling accessories
  • Universal jigs
  • Adjustable columns
  • Sliding crossbeams

Motojig Images