Fixture & Holding

Structural Holding Package


Structural holding allows a technician to apply additional holds, spreading out the amount of pressure at each hold location reducing the chance of additional damage during repairs. This holding is necessary to hold a part being replaced in the correct location for welding and bonding.

Universal Anchoring


The Uni-Clamp can be retrofitted onto existing universal anchoring stands to increase anchoring speed and productivity. Call your Chief rep to find out if the Uni-Clamp is right for you. Uni-Clamp is designed to work with he single bolt clamp, but will also work with all Chief specialty anchoring products.

OEM Specialty Anchoring


With necessity being the mother of invention, a need for special anchoring arises. Manufacturers have specific and unique vehicle designs. In order to properly anchor those vehicles, special adapters are needed for each individual circumstance. This area of site will highlight those feature OEM anchoring systems and give you an idea of all that we offer in this area.