Plasma Cutter

Multi-Cutter MC 40

The Precision Plasma Cutter


This plasma cutting system operates using extremely high temperatures, which are generated through an electric arc between electrode and workpiece and the addition of air through the nozzle opening of the burner. The extremely high intensity of the arc in conjunction with the compressed-air stream generates a plasma jet that melts and removes metal.

Perfect cutting performance, particularly on high strength steels and through rust or paint. The only efficient cutting method for BORON body parts. Precise cutting capabilities even on thin panels. Perfect also on doublelayers: Cutting through one layer without penetrating the lower one.

Look at the features of the Multi-Cutter MC 40:

  • Inverter current source
  • Electro pneumatic ignition
  • Microprocessor control
  • 6 m torch
  • Power source specially developed for plasma cutting.
  • Splash-free arc.
  • Electronic control system controls the cutting process.
  • Fully electronic high-frequency generator provides excellent ignition.
  • Integrated filter prevents failures caused by the arc and the high frequency generator.
  • Electric fan ensures effective cooling.
  • Thermal protection of the inverter against overload.